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Knitting and nattering

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Juniper Pilgrim in East Fremantle is the home of some lovely older people. In their past they had full and rich lives interacting with others, and knitting. Now their fingers aren't as nimble and maybe their eyesight isn't what it used to be, but the love of a chat and knitting remains strong. What will you be doing? You will come along to help run the knitting group with our ladies. If you've got a buddy or couple of friends to join you, the more the merrier. You might need to help our ladies cast on, or sort out their yarns, but after no time they'll be away and you can get to know them and hear about their lives and interests - whilst sharing yours as you wish. Our staff will be around to help out if ever needed, you'll not be needing to provide any personal care or moving the ladies. We look after that. We're required to have Volunteers complete a few steps and the Juniper Coordinator of Volunteers will help you through to make it as easy as possible. Please express interest and Juniper will respond ASAP.