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Cat Foster Carer

The Barn Cats Project

The Barn Cats Project was formed to help rescue and rehome cats that are unsocialised, timid, or abandoned, and give them a second chance at a fulfilling and happy life! By becoming a foster carer, you are changing lives!

Key duties:

  • Providing food, shelter, and love to the animals you are fostering
  • Transporting animals to veterinary appointments (medical costs will be covered by the rescue)
  • Providing all levels and areas of care that the animal requires
  • In cases of timid or unsocialised animals, socialising the animal will be required
  • Administering medication if necessary

Foster care is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially when working with timid animals. Once you gain their trust, it's one of the best feelings in the world! For more information, or to see what fostering with us is like, check out our Instagram or Facebook page @thebarncatsproject, to see some of the beautiful cats we have rescued!