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Logo for Department of Fire and Emergency Service - Upper Great Southern Region

Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services (VFES) volunteers play a significant and vital role in helping to ensure their local communities are safe. VFES volunteers serve their local communities on a voluntary basis by undertaking both operational and non-operational roles.

All volunteers are provided with:

  • Training to perform your role
  • Insurance to cover injury
  • Necessary protective equipment
  • Access to mental health support services

The benefits of becoming an VFES volunteer :

  • Strengthen Your Community
  • Form New Friendships as Part of a Team
  • Sense of Achievement and Purpose
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Enjoy Better Health
  • Learn lifelong skills

Response roles may include :

  • Structure, bush and scrub fires
  • Hazardous materials emergencies
  • Land Searches
  • Flood, storm and cyclone assistance
  • Fire ground Support
  • Road Crash Rescue (in specified areas)

Support roles may include:

  • Administration
  • Fundraising
  • Social media and public relations
  • Public and community education
  • Station and vehicle housekeeping
  • Radio Support
  • Equipment Maintenance

You will be trained to assist your community in preparing for these events and be called upon to help emergency services.