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Research participants 65+, Dementia Online Training and Support Group - Online - #166075

Neura (Neuroscience Research Australia)

We are seeking volunteers for our research program to test the effectiveness of a new online training and support group for people in the early stages of dementia.

After receiving a diagnosis of dementia, it is very important that individuals and families have access to support and advice at this time, to help people regain control, plan for the future and carry on living a life that is meaningful to them. We hope to place people with dementia at the centre of their care and teach skills for decision-making, symptom management and healthy living.

People with dementia will attend an online group once a week for 10 weeks and each session will last up to 2 hours. Both the person with dementia and their chosen care partner will also be required to attend 4 telephone or video-call meetings over the course of the 8 months.

• The first telephone interview will last approximately 1 hour. It will be an introduction to see if the study is right for you and answer any questions you might have.

• The next 3 meetings will last approximately 2 hours each. They will involve completing a number of questionnaires about health and wellbeing.

The first will take place upon enrolment to the study, the second after 3 months and the third 6 months later. Like with a lot of research studies some participants will be randomised to the control group, which means they will not receive the group intervention from our research team. However, after the completion of the study, both participants and families can receive the e-learning course comprising of the educational material used in the group.

Benefits: By volunteering for this research study we hope you will benefit from more support and information during the early stages following a dementia diagnosis.