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As a Digital Mentor, what will you be doing?

  • You will be connected with a Elder who is in need of mentoring.
  • Your Elder will currently be doing digital literacy classes with the City of Sydney and may need help & guidance during classes.
  • It's important that you have patience, empathy and like interacting with Elders.
  • Digital Literacy Australia has been providing digital literacy courses for almost 10 years and loves creating a fun, relaxed and sociable environment to learn in.
  • You will receive excellent experience in teaching, patience, time management and interpersonal skills. Teaching is also a valuable way to consolidate your own digital knowledge.
  • Helping Elder within our Community is a very rewarding experience, and tangible outcomes along with meaningful relationships are developed.

*Digital Literacy Australia considers that being Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander is a genuine occupational requirement for this position under s 14 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). However, those from a non-Aboriginal background are welcome to apply.