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Blind Bats Inc.

We are actively seeking volunteers to help the blind and vision impaired people be more inclusive participants in the community. Having a vision impairment can make some feel isolated, and different, we want to change that. Getting them involved through sport clubs is just one of many ways we hope to achieve this. Volunteers will be primarily tasked with:

  • Escort vision impaired and blind people to place to place within the grounds
  • Escort to and from field of play
  • Help set and pack down sporting event
  • Help vision impaired people to canteen and/or toilets
  • To advise the public to where to go to for information We will require volunteers to lodge an application with the national workers screening as required to work with children and people with disabilities. Blind Bats Inc. was incorporate as a not-for-profit charity in 2017 and since then has been concerned mainly with the task of setting up to be ready to carry out activities that meet its objectives. Our objectives are as follows:
  • To assist blind and vision impaired members become more inclusive participants in the general community
  • To provide programs that promote a more active and healthier lifestyle of our members
  • To work with service providers, community groups, clubs and agencies, for the benefit of members
  • To provide an accessible transport service for our members to and from events
  • To provide house-bound members assistance to become involved in a more active and inclusive lifestyle

Volunteers will acquire the appropriate training to guide people with a vision impairment, with accredited trainers. Not only this, they will gain first hand experience in the benefits of community inclusion and experience in skillsets held by vision impaired people.