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St Stephen's Church Choir is looking for additional singers. You must be able to read music (at least a little) and ideally can carry a tune (or better!). We are specifically looking for Women Who Sing, but also anyone who can sing soprano or alto.

(Yes, it is a Church Choir. But you don't need to be a particularly religious person to join. If you like classical music, and are free on Sunday mornings, why not give it a go?)

Singing is a great way to relax while making beautiful music and making friends. Singing releases endorphins, does good things with your brain waves (I'm sure I read that) and is a great social activity. There's a bunch of research about how singing, especially singing with others, lowers the risk of depression and contributes to wellbeing.

This choir is great if you don't have lots of free time during your week. We rehearse and sing on Sunday mornings, leaving you the rest of Sunday to go and explore the Sydney and its wonders. It is an SATB choir (high women, low women, high men, low men) consisting of mostly volunteer choristers supported musically by paid scholars (which means your voice does not need to be perfect. You're here for fun, friendship and the beauty of the music).

It is a non-auditioning choir. You will be singing under the direction of Dr Huw Belling (which is enough reason on its own to join up!).

St Stephen's Uniting Church is located at 197 Macquarie Street Sydney, directly opposite NSW Parliament House and the State Library. We are two minutes' walk from Martin Place.

The Uniting Church is Australia is a wholly (and holy. Get it?) Australian church, not existing anywhere else in the world. We are LGBTIQA inclusive (we love doing same-gender weddings) and pro-women (including ordaining them). We have a passion for social justice, including working together on climate change.

Contact us for more information: [email protected]