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A social housing provider, Havelock Housing Association (Havelock) supports over nearly residents in around 200 properties across the ACT with affordable housing options. A heritage building located in Turner, Havelock House itself houses some 100 residents ranging in age from 18-80, both men and women and speaking some 13 different languages.

In early 2020 a community development program was launched, seeking to provide individual support to residents, and to create a stronger sense of community, increased resilience and confidence. This was particularly important as COVID hit. Havelock was awarded a Commonwealth Department of Health grant to develop and deliver a Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity grant for a period of two years. Through this program we are now offering a broad program of activities, experiences and adventures in and around Canberra for our Havelock community.

As part of the Community Development Physical Activities program Havelock requires community minded volunteers who know a thing or two about bicycles, and/or have a passion for fixing up old bicycles. We need your help to get our our residents out and about on bike rides exploring the many bike paths of Canberra. Some residents already have their own bicycles, and only simple repairs are required, however in partnership with Northside Community Services, we are looking to repair many more bicycles to support our residents more broadly with new skills and a cost effective mode of transportation. All abilities and age groups are encouraged and welcome to apply.