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Key responsibilities will be to:

  • Maintain the brigade’s social media platforms by posting relevant content that builds a positive image for the club.
  • Connect brigade webpages with other appropriate community groups to maintain strong relationships and continue cross club support.
  • Communicate to brigade any responses from posts on our platforms to help facilitate healthy discussions online.
  • Attend all training and social events to capture appropriate visual content and develop continued social media engagement.
  • Liase with other DFES and Bushfire groups and Media to further maintain connectivity.
  • Keep brigade leadership informed of all relevant activities, social media platform issues and further maintain a healthy online image.

This can be a really fun role and we welcome creative ideas!

We meet weekly on Mondays at 4:30pm for a few hours of training plus monthly for social BBQs.  Additionally each quarter, all emergency services clubs congregate for themed dinners and to share stories.