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Fistball Youth Development Officer

Fistball Federation of Australia
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We are looking for someone to help us grow Australian fistball at the youth grassroots level!

This person would assist by reaching out to schools to set up introductory sessions, helping to run development programs, and generally being loved and respected as the most important person in the next phase of Australian fistball… thereby guaranteeing a bronze statue out the front of the future Fistball Australia headquarters (still waiting for that “luxury sporting establishment” grant to come through! 🤞)

This role would be perfect for anyone interested in gaining experience in sports development and sports management, and you would be able to develop your own strategy and work at your own pace in your own time.

Zero fistball experience or knowledge is required, but of course of course anyone who put their fist up for this role would be vigorously supported by the existing Fistball Australia board members at every turn. We will provide fistball knowledge, suggestions and will help in any way we can. We will also provide trainers as possible for any introductory or ongoing training sessions that are organised.

While Fistball Australia is predominantly based out of Victoria, any applicant would not necessarily need to be based in Victoria, but would instead be trying to set up opportunities for youth development anywhere possible across this fine land we call “Straya”. In addition to Victoria, we have resources (i.e. former players) based permanently in South Australia, ACT and Queensland, and can also organise trainers for New South Wales, Tasmania and potentially Western Australia with sufficient notice.

Most importantly we are looking for someone that enthusiastic about the opportunities here, someone who wants to be part of something special and someone who is committed to seeing it through.

With several opportunities for U18 tournament play on the near horizon, the future could be very bright. There is hope of a Trans-Tasman U18 tournament early next year (potentially in Victoria), as well as an U18 World Championships later next year in New Zealand... and we are committed to putting forward not just teams, but competitive teams, for both tournaments.

Fistball Australia prides itself on fun, competitiveness, inclusivity... and remembering to also take time to be a bit silly. We're determined to build an exciting future for fistball... and hot damn we're going to have fun doing it.

If want to do further research on fistball, please either look up

  • our Facebook page (FistballFederationAustralia)
  • our YouTube page (fistballaustralia)
  • or search for "This is Fistball - Rules" on YouTube for a handy quick promo video by the International Fistball Association

Fist on!