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Board Member and Treasurer

Norlane Community Centre Inc

The suitable applicant will be required to possess financial knowledge and experience. The position requires the treasurer to oversee the finances of the organisation as presented by the bookkeeper and report to the Board monthly. If this sounds appealing, we want to hear from you.

You will be required to report to the Board, at the Board meeting once a month, on the financial situation of the organisation, on variances from the approved budgets and liaise with the Bookkeeper to prepare reports and the budget. Furthermore, you will work together with the Secretary and place any necessary financial items on the Board agenda in advance of the meeting. You will be required to report to the Annual General Meeting on the financial situation of the organisation.

Further duties in this role will include administrative and management tasks such as serve on the Executive Committee between Board meetings, monitor the finances of the organisation with the bookkeeper, carry out financial duties as assigned, ensure the organisation’s financial records are adequate, protected, backed up, and accessible, and also maintain the organisation’s asset register.

Financial tasks will include the following; ensure the organisation’s financial control procedures are adequate and that appropriate safeguards against fraud are in place, ensure that risk management strategies (including appropriate insurance) are in place, prepare the Budget for the coming year with Bookkeeper and Finance Sub Committee, review income and expenditure against the budget on a continuous basis, sign letters or documents on behalf of the Norlane Community Centre as required and ensure that financial records are adequate, protected, backed up and accessible.

This volunteer position will include overseeing the financial affairs of the organisation and ensure they are legal, constitutional and within the Australian accounting standards. You will ensure the organisations compliance with all applicable tax arrangements, ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place and fully documented, advise the Board on matters of finance and ensure that Board understands its financial obligations, and identify and bring attention of the Board any areas of financial risk.