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Project Manager - Health and Community Services

Bridges & Pathways Institute Inc.
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Roles and responsibilities:

  • Review, implement and oversee the Project Plan
  • Liaise with clinic stakeholders including clinic practitioners, BP volunteers and potential patients
  • Co-ordinate project activities and timetables
  • Report to the Clinic Committee and the Board on a monthly basis
  • Oversee the three and six month reports

Preferred Skills: · Experience in health care, health community services and/or general practice · Project Management experience · Great written and verbal communications skills · Great organisational skills

If you meet most but not all of these preferred skills, please still apply. We would love to align this role with your volunteering and career aspirations. As such, the role can be molded to your interests and goals.

This role can be performed through a combination of in office (located at Aberfoyle Park) and remote working. This role is 1-2 days a week and can be used as a university placement.