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Sport Activities Assistant

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The Enhancement Activities Program is aligned to this fundamental objective and recognises the that the experience of poverty is complex and not only involves economic hardship but exclusion from many aspects of social and civic life. The Enhancement Activities Program encompasses multi-generational and diverse learning opportunities. It aims to support disengaged students to improve connection to the school community and their engagement with learning opportunities, by providing a coordinated approach to before, during and after school activities. Sharing resources across 3 school sites, this program will enhance and extend the child’s school day through academic, personal and social opportunities, breaking the cycle of disadvantage and school disengagement.

The Sport Activities Assistant will be part of a team who support students to learn and practice a range of different activities. In this role, there is opportunity to support students across any number of the following activities if you would like to.

Fitness Gym Club is great way for students to build confidence and skills in fitness and in using gym equipment.

Dance Club is an opportunity for children to learn dance skills, have fun and express themselves.

Running Club is open to all students and parents. Laps are run around the school oval. Each lap a student runs is counted and goes towards a total class list.

Basketball or Streetballers helps children develop fundamental physical and ball skills as well as become more confident with physical activity. Students play 3x3 games.

Table Tennis is a fun way to get students physically active. All students can play regardless of ability and the rules are simple to understand.

Cycling or Bikermice promotes physical activity, riding safely in and out of the school ground, understanding simple road rules and riding safely with others. Students bring to school their bike, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or rollerblades.

Yoga Club focuses on having fun with movement and learning about yoga poses.

Skipping Club supports students to practice timing and skipping with a rope individually and with others. Skipping games help children practice counting and balance while having fun.

Indoor Volleyball promotes playing a sport with others in a team. Volleyball rules and ball skills and are learnt whilst having fun and with peers.

Gardening Club helps students learn how to grow, care for, harvest and prepare a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Food grown can be used in the afterschool cooking program.

This role will operate across the following sites:

Mahogany Rise Primary School, Monterey Boulevard, Frankston North Monterey Secondary College, Silvertop Crescent, Frankston North Aldercourt Primary School, Silver Ave, Frankston North

What we're looking for:

We are looking for volunteers with:

  • An interest/s in the area/s that you are applying to volunteer in
  • Commitment and interest in supporting children and young people
  • Willingness to contribute to a team environment
  • Understanding of and commitment to the values and ideals of the BSL

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