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This is a voluntary role but it is very critical and expected to have involvement in the areas of financial management and/or oversight, budgets, report and financial liaison.

The role requires a minimum of 4 hours a week in the form of:

  • Work as a Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee
    • Ensure that the Board's financial and budget accountabilities are met
    • Enable the Board in ensuring that the School complies with audit requirements
    • Maintain an overview of the Board insurances and indemnities required to minimise the risk exposure to the Board and the School
    • Work with Finance Manager to prepare and present annual budget with 2-5 year forecast to the Board
    • Report relevant matters (approved budget vs actual expenditure, cash flow, risks and impediments to progress etc) to board following committee meetings
  • Creating and ensuring the presentation of accurate financial reports to each meeting of the Board of Governors (6 weekly - Thursdays)
  • Overseeing the preparation and compilation of the Annual Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement to AGM and Annual Report
  • Liaising regularly and supporting the School's Finance Manager to review finances
  • Working with the Principal of the school to determine the school's budget and forecasts
  • Working on long-term financial planning
  • Being involved in the strategic planning of the school

The successful applicant must support the aims and ethos of our school, be responsible, diligent and thorough and would be instrumental in helping it in this exciting phase of development.