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Committee Fundraising Officer

Perth STEM Association
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Perth STEM is always looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals who have a passion to share STEM to others.

Our organisation, events and services are run solely by our team of volunteers!

The majority of this role can be done at home or remotely.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about Science and Technology
  • Loves to help people in the community
  • Are bright and enthusiastic people
  • Are friendly, outgoing and those who endeavour to learn new things
  • Have management experience or would like to gain experience in this role
  • Be 16 or over
  • Have great communications skills

What you will do:

  • Manage our fundraising team by coordinating roles, tasks and applications
  • Find and establish communication with sponsors, donators and corporate and government partners
  • Participate in Perth STEM's management Committee.
  • Participate in Perth STEM's quarterly Committee meetings.

Why volunteer with us?

Perth STEM gives people the opportunity to share what they love with other people, especially the younger generations who will come to live on our world. These roles are perfect for people who want to learn new skills in a fun, exciting and supportive environment. We also give the opportunity for you to find and form new friendships with like minded individuals.

Who are we?

Perth STEM hosts a wide range of events in and around Perth with the goal of educating young people and their families about science and technology. All our events are hands on and allow children to actively see science in action. We often collaborate with local governments to hire halls and other facilities to host our events at. Our goals in the future include obtaining our own premises to host more events, and the creation of the main hackerspace in Perth.