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volunteers investigating the possibility of Afghanistan Memorial

Memseek Inc
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The worsening condition in Afghanistan is tearing the hearts out of our service men and women. Service Personnel have sacrificed so much in this twenty-year war. They have fought in order to protect us from terrorism.
Sad Images coming out of Kabul airport are reminiscent of the images from Saigon forty-six years ago. After the Vietnam War, it took us seventeen years to recognize our troops sacrifice in that war in the dedication of a monument. Let us not make the same mistake again. Memseek Inc. ( is a n Australian not for profit organization dedicated to the creation of interactive monuments to honor our citizens that have placed themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe. Please view our site to determine if you agree with our aims and mission. What we are seeking are volunteers to help us investigating the possibility of establishing a network of monuments across Australia to honor and tell the stories of our men and women who have served in Afghanistan. We are looking at persons to engage with local RSLs Clubs and Military Associations to determine the level of interest in honoring our Afghanistan memorial project.
Already questions are being asked. Did this Twenty-Year War Really Achieve Anything? Has Their Sacrifice No Value? Was it an Unmitigated Disaster? Let us not make the same mistake and hesitate in honoring their service in Afghanistan. Let us start the process now. If you have, any questions do not hesitate to make contact.

Kindest regards Harold Gasparotto Chairperson Memseek Inc