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Careers NSW Industry Expert Volunteer - Virtual NSW Only - # 169134

Careers NSW
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Careers NSW is a new program announced by the Premier of NSW in March 2021. Careers NSW aims to provide access to professional high-quality careers advice to NSW residents.

A key supporting part of the program will be volunteers currently working in their field who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to talk to participants about their own Career Journey. The program will be calling these volunteers Industry Experts as the expectation will not be for a volunteer to provide career advice, but to draw on their first hand industry experience and knowledge to inform people about working in their industry.

This role is virtual however applications are restricted to NSW residents.

Volunteer Industry Experts will undertake a dual role to:

  1. Help raise awareness of the new Careers NSW service and
  2. Meet online with clients who have expressed an interest in your industry and who would like to understand what they can do to make themselves ready for a career in your industry.

Conversations with Careers NSW clients will be scheduled around your availability.

These conversations would involve you sharing your personal insights on:

a. what it’s like to work in your industry

b. the skills and capabilities you needed to succeed and how they align to your Industry

c. what the opportunities are for progression in your industry

d. how / where to start in the industry?

e. required and desirable qualifications (if known)

To get the most out of the volunteering experience an Industry Expert would typically have at least 5 years' experience in the Industry they are representing and the ability to articulate previous experiences and career related information.

The time commitment for an Industry Expert is dependent on their availability. We hope volunteers will be able to offer an average of 4 hours per month to talk about their Career experiences.

The pilot of Careers NSW launched in November 2021 with the full roll out expected from mid-2022.

For further information please contact the Careers NSW team: Danielle Clarke 0457 150 785

Benefits: By volunteering with Careers NSW you will be promoting your industry and the company you own or work in. New employees will come to your industry better trained and fully prepared for what a career in the industry involves. This will lead to less early employment-life attrition. You will have the opportunity to identify and attract new talent and cohorts that may be under-represented in your industry currently. Through your participation in this program you will have the opportunity to create and foster a fantastic network of contacts that are passionate about finding and developing people’s potential.