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Group Recreation Support / Vision Australia / Hallam

Vision Australia
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The volunteer will: • support client(s) to actively participate in their chosen recreational activity
• perform sighted guide techniques to effectively support clients, volunteers or staff to safely navigate their environment • communicate effectively with clients to understand and respond to their needs by face-to-face, email or telephone • coordinate specific programs or tasks to ensure program requirements are met and completed in a timely manner • complete required data recording tasks to accurately record information about your volunteering activities

The volunteer may: • provide audio description to individuals who require visual translation during planned outings, live performances or other recreational activities to ensure clients have a detailed understanding of their surroundings and present environment • perform hospitality duties by preparing food or refreshments and servicing individuals to ensure requirements and demands are met in a timely and polite manner

ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE The volunteer demonstrates:
• Attention to detail • Interpersonal skills
• Teamwork • Visual translation skills • Working with people who are blind or have low vision

DESIRABLE SKILLS (NOT ESSENTIAL) The volunteer may have abilities in: • Administration skills • Customer service skills • Emotional support • Event coordination skills • Good written skills and fluent English speaking • Manual handling skills • Money handling • Time management skills • Leadership skills • Working with minimal supervision • Working with children or young people aged 0 to 18 years