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Our volunteer program provides an opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to participate in programs that are engaging, fun and contribute towards the positive well-being of young people’s lives in their community.

In addition to the passion and energy our volunteers bring in supporting our young people, a key point of difference in the success of our program is in the flexibility we are able offer our volunteers in when and how they would like to volunteer.

As an AKKF volunteer you can participate by: -

~Engaging with and support young people during our fun Activity Days.

~Co-facilitating during our online ‘Connect’ chat sessions.

~Being part of the team for our adventurous weekend Camps.

Our experienced AKKF team develop and operate all programs and are there to support our volunteers. Volunteer duties and responsibilities include: -

~Assisting the Program Coordinator/Program Assistant in running activities.

~Engaging with young people and supporting them to participate in activities.

~Maintaining appropriate boundaries with young people.

~Reporting any issues or concerns to the Program Coordinator/Program Assistant, while participant’s personal information is kept confidential.

~Reporting safety or behavioural concerns to the Program Coordinator/Program Assistant.