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Event Facilitator WA

Short Back & Sidewalks
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Events Facilitator WA

Responsible for the successful execution of events

The Event Facilitator attends and manages Short Back & Sidewalks (SBSW) WA events and interacts with people accessing SBSW services and service provider employees/representatives.

The Event Facilitator is the engaging face of SBSW WA at our events. Our key representative.

This position reports to the SBSW Operations Manager.


Scheduling events

Setting up events (activities) in Volaby Assigning volunteers to rosters in Volaby

Running events

Reminding volunteers about upcoming events (activities) Taking required equipment to events (e.g. mirrors and hair products) Attending and managing events on behalf of SBSW Managing volunteers at events Interacting with clients and coordinating the client list for receiving haircuts Incident reporting and management at events

Event reporting

Completing event (activity) reports in Volaby after every event

People engagement

Engaging volunteers, clients and service provider employees at events

Key representative

Representing SBSW at events and is the most senior volunteer at events if the Operations Manager or Founder are not present

For more information please visit our webpage by searching for "Short Back and Sidewalks" and click on the "Volunteer" link.

You can apply to Volunteer from the website otherwise please apply by sending a cover letter and resume.