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Recruitment & Onboarding Specialist VIC

Short Back & Sidewalks
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Recruitment & Onboarding Specialist

Responsible for ensuring the success of the volunteer onboarding process

The Short Back & Sidewalks [SBSW] Recruitment & Onboarding Specialist works alongside the volunteers and other Management ensuring the successful onboarding of all VIC volunteers

This position reports to the Operations Manager


Welcome video call

Contacting the incoming volunteer and setting up a 15 minute onboarding video call to make sure they’re set up in Volaby which is our volunteer & event management software

Shares processes for getting started in Volaby

Giving the incoming volunteer the required information to be registered for their first ever event with Short Back & Sidewalks

Ensuring volunteer success

Ensuring all volunteers understand and adhere to the standards expected by SBSW and communicating this with the volunteer base. Making sure volunteers read and understand the SBSW Code Of Conduct.

Reactivate inactive volunteers

Reaching out to inactive volunteers for welfare and wellness checks

Hands off to SBSW Event Facilitator

Checks in with SBSW Event Facilitator to let them know we have a new volunteer and to let them know which event the volunteer is booked into.

For more information please visit our website by searching for "Short Back & Sidewalks" and click on the "Volunteer" link.

You can apply to Volunteer from the website otherwise please apply by sending a cover letter and resume.