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NEW - Community breakfast program for the vulnerable

Knox Infolink Inc

The breakfast program will serve guests who are vulnerable, homeless, disadvantaged, or isolated, providing a warm, supportive community and place to belong. We are seeking volunteers willing to assist in preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning the breakfast meal, and who are comfortable engaging with guests from all walks of life. Volunteers are needed for a weekly morning shift (approximately 7:30am - 10:00am), Mondays to Fridays. Volunteers will receive full training and support from Knox Infolink. Travel permits are provided for volunteers to engage with the breakfast program.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • To welcome and engage the guests with a warm, friendly breakfast experience. • To prepare the breakfast room, ensuring meal servery area is ready, tables arranged and cutlery available for use. • To support the cooking of the breakfast meal according to the established meal plan, and food handling procedures. • To serve the breakfast meal to guests in warm and generous manner. • To support clearing away and cleaning of meal dishes and meals areas. Cleaning and packing away of cooking equipment and maintaining kitchen area in a tidy state. • To work co-operatively with other volunteers and staff members providing support and assistance where necessary and appropriate. • To be familiar with, understand and agree to comply with Knox Infolink policies and procedures. • To follow all Food Safety guidelines. SELECTION CRITERIA • To be able to work co-operatively with others in a team environment. • To have good communication skills both face to face. • To be tolerant and able to relate to people from various socio economic levels and cultural backgrounds. • Non-judgemental, compassionate and inclusive attitude. • A sense of humour • To be able to undertake and accept change • To be adaptable and flexible PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT To participate in training provided by Knox Infolink, as required. HOURS OF WORK AND CONDITIONS: Negotiated with the Community Breakfast Coordinator, usually a minimum of one 2.5 hour shift per week.