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Policy Officer / Policy Team Officer

MYND Initiative inc.

Position: Policy Officer / Policy Team Officer

Team: Legal / Policy Team and/or Governance Team

Hours: Up to ten (10) hours per week

Reports to: Chief Policy Officer and the Executive Board

Description of Role:

As part of the Policy Team, you will be responsible for identifying the current updates in legislation affecting MYND Initiative Inc., and then amending and/or drafting the Constitution, Regulations and By-Laws, and our Policies and Procedures for Executive approval. As well as this you will have the opportunity to creatively and innovatively optimise and enforce policies and procedures. That is, optimising our internal operating systems to achieve our vision and mission. Reporting to the Chief Policy Officer as well as working with a team, you will be part of the engine that helps our organisation run smoothly while also making substantial progress.

Type of Role: Volunteer

Desired qualities and experience:

1.Having experience in drafting / updating / discussing / researching/ enforcing policies and procedures would be great, but not necessary

2.Strong communication — verbal and written

3.Flexible schedule for meetings (while we have flexible hours, we tend to set meetings at certain times, and the other tasks can happen at any hour)

4.Highly developed teamwork skills

5.Proven individual work ethic

With additional benefits, including:

  1. Experience in drafting policies and procedures

  2. Facilitating change by increasing mental health awareness and understanding to help create support networks across the community

  3. Possible opportunities for partnerships and networking, including with legal firms and/or tax accounting firms

  4. Spectacular references for future work

  5. Work from home

  6. Flexible working hours

  7. The gratitude of the teams at MYND Initiative Inc.