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Management Committee and Housekeeper Supervisor

Abbeyfield Garran Inc

As a member of the Abbeyfield Garran Inc Management Committee you will be responsible for the supervision and support of the live in housekeeper as well as two casual staff who cover the weekend roster. You will be required to understand the duties of the team you are supporting and supervising. The duties of the Management Committee and Housekeeper Supervisor are as follows: Ensuring that the housekeeper is given all necessary direction in matters of his/her safety, health and welfare Ensuring that the terms and conditions of employment are adhered to Facilitating dealings between the Management Committee and all housekeeping staff Ensuring that there are clear lines of communication between the Committee, the Supervisor and all housekeeping staff Scheduling regular meetings with the housekeeping staff and providing feedback. Managing the weekend housekeeper roster and organising relief when the full time housekeeper is on annual leave or sick leave, (usually the weekend relief can fill in).