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Guided Walk & Weed Blitz at Rickaby's Creek Reserve

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Rickaby’s Creek Reserve is an idyllic 9 hectare woodland in the Penrith suburb of Londonderry. The Reserve is dominated by tall Scribbly Gums and Paperbarks, as well as rare and endangered plants such as the colourful flowering pea Dillwynia tenuifolia, the spikey and elaborate Juniper-leaved Grevillea and the delicate myrtle Microymyrtus minutiflora.

The woodland is named after the tributary of the Hawkesbury River which adjoins the reserve, Rickaby’s Creek, forming an important wildlife corridor; connecting several remnant patches of Cumberland Plain Woodland across an otherwise fragmented landscape. This connectivity is very important as it allows many animals (such as kangaroos) movement across the landscape – providing them safe passage to escape floods/fires, find water during drought, graze new areas (spreading seeds and stimulating plant growth) and find new mates (in order to maintain a healthy level of genetic diversity).

With your help we can increase’s the woodland’s resilience and protect its biodiversity from the recurring threat of weed invasion, removing a variety of destructive weeds which include Mother of Millions, African Lovegrass, Crassula sp. and Asparagus Fern. No experience is necessary for this event - bring yourself and a can-do attitude! Our friendly Project Officer is there to answer your questions and guide you along the way. This project is made possible with support from Penrith City Council and the NSW Environmental Trust.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 22 July (Guided Walk & Weed Blitz)
  • Friday 23 September (Nocturnal Safari)
  • Friday 25 November (Habitat Restoration) Please note event registration will be open until commencement.


  • Registrations on our website are essential. We will send you a link with more information on how to register once you submit a SEEK volunteer application.
  • You are required to make your own way to and from the worksite.
  • No previous experience is required. We will provide you with all the know-how on site.
  • We can provide you with a certificate of appreciation for coming along and helping out (this looks great on a resume!)

NOTE: Catering will be provided and current NSW Health Covid guidelines will apply.