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Board Member - Secretary

Two Two One Mental Health Charity
Logo for Two Two One Mental Health Charity

All board members are required to be a representative of Two Two One Mental Health Charity and be invested in the purpose of early intervention for mental health.

A Secretary is responsible for:

  • Understanding the business of the organisation and being aware of key developments
  • Attending and participating in board meetings
  • Actively engaged in the organisation, such as by attending functions
  • Governing and overseeing an organisation’s operations and performance
  • Coordinate the correspondence of the Association;
  • Ensure minutes of all proceedings of general meetings and of committee meetings are kept in accordance with section 38 of the Act;
  • Maintain the register of members in accordance with the Associations Act;
  • Be knowledgeable of the constitution, Associations act and ACNC requirements to maintain registrations and best practise.

The board must ensure that the Board operates within its charitable objectives and provides a clear strategic direction for the Charity. The board must ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of the organisation. Two Two One Mental Health Charities board works closely with the organisation to make sure KPI’s, reporting, awareness and growth is accomplished.

Under Governance Standard 5 Responsible Persons must: Act with reasonable care and diligence, act honestly and fairly in the best interests of the charity and for its charitable purposes, not misuse their position or information they gain as a Responsible Person, disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest, ensure that the financial affairs of the charity are managed responsibly, and, not allow the charity to operate while it is insolvent.

Board positions will be appraised annually at Annual General Meeting.