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Violet Guide - Carer Support


Guides are the heart of Violet.

Together we will be changing how people think and talk about the end of their lives, not just how they plan for it. The problems you’ll be solving are big ones.

Here’s what’s standing in the way of more Australians having the experience they hope for:

  1. Entry into the last stage of life is often poorly identified and communicated, and people often stay ‘upstream’ of their reality.
  2. Communication at this time is patchy as people avoid talking about death or dying.
  3. There is poor planning and preparation, or none at all. While other life stages are extensively written about, there is no ‘What to Expect...’ for death and dying.
  4. The prevailing focus through the last stage is clinical and siloed. We look at the disease, not the whole person.

You’ll be driving Violet closer to achieving its mission by:

  • Dedicating 4 hours a week to the role of Violet Guide
  • Providing one-on-one phone support to people in the community who are caring for a loved one
  • Leaning into your lived experience as a caregiver, while maintaining professional boundaries
  • Remaining dedicated to your own resilience, reflective and self-care practices - and having the courage to ask for support when needed

We will show our commitment to you by:

  • Providing all necessary devices
  • Inviting you to fortnightly Guide Support (Peer) Group meetings
  • Holding monthly individual meetings with Guide Practice Manager for support and feedback
  • Providing access to personal coaching and support to help build your resilience in what can be challenging topic areas and conversations
  • Providing access to experts and thought-leaders in this space here in Australia and internationally
  • Offering you further training, development and support as required

Some practical things you will need before you apply:

  • Lived experience of caring for someone in the last stage of life
  • A Police Check and Working with Vulnerable People or Working with Children Check
  • The capacity to attend 2 hours per week of interactive online training for 7 weeks - on a Thursday evening (dates to be confirmed)
  • Working knowledge of using a mobile phone (provided) for making calls to Caregivers
  • Access to a computer and ability to review and respond to emails and calendar invitations, access the Violet shared drive, join online meetings, complete guided Session reports and participate in interactive online training. You will need to be able to manage your own basic troubleshooting if required.