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Volunteer Puppy Raiser - Capel, Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury

Guide Dogs WA
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Guide and Assistance Dogs change lives. It is the independence and freedom offered by these dogs to our clients that keeps us going. Our Puppy Raisers look after an 8 to 10 week old puppy, in their home, for a period of either 6 or 12 months

This requires a degree of physical fitness, which includes being able to negotiate steps, walk 3 - 5km per day and frequent bending and lifting (up to 10kg). Puppy Raisers expose our puppies to different environments including public transport, shopping centres, steps/stairs, schools etc.

Key responsibilities

  1. Provide suitable accommodation and care for puppy in training during a required period of time (varying between 6 to 12 months).
  2. Follow instruction/training advice from Puppy Raising Coordinators, Trainers and Instructors at all times.
  3. Feed, groom, toilet and walk dog in care as per instructions from Guide Dogs WA.
  4. Attend periodic training and obedience classes with Puppy Raising Coordinators.
  5. Use basic obedience skills when handling dog in care (e.g. sit, down, stay, come etc.).
  6. Assist with the socialisation process by taking the puppy into shops, restaurants and other public buildings.
  7. Transport dog in care (if necessary) to Guide Dogs WA designated Veterinary practice for vaccinations, consultations and medical procedures as required, in consultation with Puppy Raising Coordinators.
  8. Ensure all preventive medications and vaccinations are maintained at all times.

Guide Dogs WA will provide:

  1. Training
  2. Ongoing support
  3. Insurance cover by EverAbility’s Volunteer Insurance policy and/or by the Insurance Commission of WA for the cost of claims for death or injury caused by the negligence of the driver of a registered vehicle
  4. Everything required for providing care to the dog, including food, equipment, veterinary care and obedience classes.