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Seeing Eye Dogs puppy carer

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This type of volunteer provides a high standard of care for Seeing Eye Dogs puppies/or dogs in the volunteer’s own home as approved and agreed by Seeing Eye Dogs. The volunteer will also teach basic obedience (under the guidance of a Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Development Trainer), house manners, eating and toileting on command, and socialise puppies in many different places (restaurants, cinemas, cafes, shopping centres, supermarkets, etc) and walking on lead in a relaxed manner.

The volunteer will: • conduct role specific duties of a Puppy Carer: • Provide lots of loving care and socialisation to a puppy • Not leave the pup alone, or with someone else for more than 3.5 hours a day.
• Provide a warm and safe inside space where the puppy can sleep • Be available to meet with the Puppy Development training staff and the puppy for regular 1 hour visits during business hours This may be a mix of online and face-to-face appointments, starting at weekly intervals and extending out to monthly as the pup gets older) • Be moderately physically fit and emotionally able to walk a puppy on a daily basis. E.g. Taking the dog for regular walks, shopping centre visits, to cafés, on public transport, on socialisation trips and toileting • Notify their Puppy Development Trainer if they become injured or are unable to care for the dog due to medical reasons. Medical clearance may be required in order to recommence with the program. • Have completed a reference and background check including a police check and working with children check, and maintaining up to date compliance of these checks throughout the duration of volunteering with the program.
• Have not been convicted of animal cruelty in Australia or elsewhere • Reach puppies basic obedience, toilet training, house manners and to walk on lead in a calm and relaxed manner under the guidance of a supervisor • Follow all directives and recommendations from the Puppy Development and other SED staff. • Supervise puppies to ensure their safety in the puppy play pen (event specific) • Clean up after puppies using equipment provided • Able to transport the dog to Kensington or any other location as required • Report back to your Puppy Development Trainer any pertinent information regarding the dog in care • Keep the puppy in ideal physical condition, and up to date with vaccination and worming treatments.

Skills Required: • Be patient, dedicated and flexible • Willing and able to follow instructions • Dog handling skills (enjoys working with dogs) • Interpersonal and communication skills • Fluent english speaking

Becoming a carer means you will join a dedicated group of like-minded volunteers who are passionate about dog caring and supporting people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose. 

All our carers carry the following attributes when they support Seeing Eye Dogs: 

Kind and collaborative “The community is nice and welcoming.”  • Surrounded by a supportive and encouraging community.  • Share experiences and empathise with others who are going through a similar experience. 

Committed “It has opened up a new world in animal care for me; training these amazing dogs and knowing that I am doing something important.”  • Dedicated to the purpose of supporting people who are blind or have low vision.  • Devoted to caring for and training happy, healthy pups to become the next generation of Seeing Eye Dogs. 

Openness and flexibility “Being connected to the organisation, learning and gaining new skills.”  • Solution focussed mindset, open to new challenges and learning new skills.  • Being flexible and adaptable to a changing environment. 

Integrity “Feeling that I am a part of an interactive community who really cares about what they're doing and how we're all helping.”  • Be a role model for others.  • Valuing human connections. 

Healthy “Not only am I giving back to the community, dog walking keeps me fit”  • Optimistic outlook and healthy emotional state.  • A good level of fitness.