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Volunteer Heritage Coordinator

Mercy Community Services Inc
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MercyCare is committed to maintaining its proud heritage and continueing the traditions started by the Sisters of Mercy. MercyCare protects its heritage sites, objects and historical information that defines its identity and culture and it's strong reputation for heritage management. We are seeking a volunteer who is committed to applying a high standard to protect and promote MercyCare's heritage.

You will required to: • Have a strong interest in history and preserving memories. • Management of MercyCare's heritage and culturally significant artifacts, including access to archival personal records and historic material relating to the heritage places managed by MercyCare. • Undertake heritage tours of the Wembley site, sharing stories about the work of the Sisters of Mercy and Benedictine Monks who previously occupied the land. • Promote MercyCare's heritage, significant milestones, events and other historical stories.