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Volunteer Nils Loan Assistant- Brunswick, VIC

The Salvation Army Australia
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Role Capabilities

Show Respect

· Recognises & respects differences in culture, style & viewpoint

· Responds in culturally appropriate ways

· Actively & calmly works to solve problems & resolve conflicts

Display Resilience

· Is flexible, adaptable & maintains appropriate self-care

· Constructively raises & works through issues & challenges & seeks alternative solutions

· Keeps control of own emotions & remains calm in the face of challenging situations

· Displays an optimistic approach to work

Communicate Effectively

· Clarifies own understanding

· Monitors own & others’ non-verbal cues & adapts where necessary

· Clearly explains complex concepts & arguments to create shared understanding with individuals & groups

· Requests & provides information in well written formats

· Causes understanding in others by developing logical & well-reasoned arguments

Influence Others

· Utilises facts, knowledge & experience to support recommendations

· Respectfully provides own point of view & works to understand the perspectives of others

· Identifies others’ concerns & expectations

· Works towards solution-focused & mutually satisfactory outcomes

· Demonstrates compassion, empathy, sensitivity & understanding in resolving conflicts & differences

· Manages challenging relations with internal & external stakeholders

Focus on People we Serve

· Is mindful of the impact of own role on those TSA serves in the community

· Applies policies for the protection of confidentiality of people

· Provides service appropriately & responsively to the needs of people

· Recognises the need for referral & takes appropriate action

· Advocates & negotiates effectively for people

· Confirms satisfaction with services & addresses or escalates complaints

Role Required Tasks

Interview clients, maintain appropriate records & refer to appropriate personnel · Interview clients whilst respecting client boundaries · Maintain privacy of the clients · Maintain appropriate case notes through clear, concise & factual records of conversations · Client service provided within scope of the NILS worker’s role · Notes accurately reflect the conversation & requirements of the client · Maintain non argumentative approach at all times

Cultural Competency

We value people of all cultures, languages, capacities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and intersex status.

· Understands the concepts and principles of diversity and inclusion and how they impact on current day approaches and practices 

· Demonstrates commitment to culturally appropriate and inclusive practice 

· Demonstrates practical application of concepts and principles of inclusion 

· Understands specific issues faced by culturally diverse clients particularly in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LBGTQI, CALD, neuro-diversity and multi faith 

· Applies culturally appropriate approaches and skills when engaging with culturally diverse clients particularly in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LBGTQI, CALD, neuro-diversity and multi faith 

· Works effectively with an interpreter as required, in line with organizational guidelines

Mandatory Requirements Of The Role

· Fully complete The Salvation Army's volunteer registration process

· Current Criminal History Check (Police check) required

· Complete TSA induction modules and any other training as required