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National Mentoring Director

Out for Australia

For full Position Description and details on how to apply, see the Out For Australia website.

The National Mentoring Director’s core responsibilities are as follows:

Strategy and vision [30%]

You will be responsible for setting the strategy and vision for the entire Out for Australia mentoring program. One of your first responsibilities would be to adopt, or enhance, the current mentoring roadmap (in collaboration with the CEO and COO).

Quality control [20%]

Together with the Program Coordinator, you will be responsible for ensurnig a high quality of program delivery, and managing the back-end of the mentoring program, which is run via a digital platform called Mentorloop. If you are new to the mentoring team, you will begin the role with a short secondment into the Program Coordinator role so that you can learn how the back-end of the program works.

Leadership and project management of the mentoring team [35%]

You will be responsible for leading the national mentoring team. This includes:

  • chairing monthly meetings with the team;
  • ad hoc check-ins with team members as required;
  • tracking the team’s progress against goals, and redirecting the team as required or escalating roadblocks/issues as required;
  • creating and implementing processes to enable the team to achieve its goals; and
  • recruiting additional volunteer team members as required.

Reporting [5%]

You will be responsible for o a small volume of reporting on the mentoring program to the CEO and the Board (much of this data can be easily extracted from our digital platform).

Miscellaneous/General Volunteer [10%]

As the internal and external lead for the mentoring team, you will called on to do various other tasks related to the program, such as:

  • drafting or contributing to thought leadership, social media posts and other content on the topic of mentoring;
  • giving an overview of the OFA mentoring program at OFA events; and
  • speaking with OFA’s external partners about the mentoring program.