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Hang out with the League of Extraordinary Changemakers!

Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc
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If you are aged 12-25, looking to have fun and get involved in the community then this is an ideal opportunity for you! No prior experience needed!

We aim to improve the lives of younger South Australians and to work with the volunteer sector to try and make it more accessible and relevant for young people.

The League is a constantly evolving group of people aged 25 or under who are interested in working on emerging ideas (with the support of Southern Volunteering).

[Please note: We come together once a week on Friday afternoons in Christies Beach. You are encouraged to attend our changemakers sessions between 3.30-5.30pm on Friday afternoons. If you are a teacher interested in this opportunity for students during class, private sessions can be booked between 1-3pm]

What can you expect from this volunteer opportunity?

  • Gain relevant experience to what YOU care about! ( + cool stuff to mention on your resume).
  • Develop leadership skills in a casual environment where we regularly play games, listen to music, engage in activities, draw things and muck around using technology.
  • Improve your confidence and your employment prospects whilst having fun.
  • Learn about local services that may be beneficial to you.
  • Learn about the Not-For-Profit sector and volunteering in South Australia.

How involved you want to be is up to you!

  • Receive emails and updates on what we are up to.
  • Come and hang out informally (as a guest) on Friday afternoons.
  • Become a member of our Youth Advisory Group (face to face)
  • Become a remote member of our Youth Advisory Group (online)
  • Volunteer in one of our Project Teams.

What does being involved in the League look like?

  • For 1 hour each week we have a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) meeting, this is run very informally (usually whilst we eat) and is a comfortable opportunity to get your first exposure to how meetings are run.
  • The YAG is designed to be the "think-tank" of the changemakers group. They are the ones that come together to generate/discuss ideas for projects, to test ideas and to provide feedback on things that are working great or maybe aren't so youth friendly.
  • From the YAG, we create projects that are publicly advertised and worked on by a combination of our YAG members and young people within the community. We refer to this aspect as our PROJECTS or PROJECT TEAMS.

What kind of projects are being discussed?

"RAISING AWARENESS" PROJECTS These projects focus on raising awareness for a cause, an organisation, a demographic, a problem, a solution etc. They are designed to enable young people to list their desired experience on their resumes. Examples include:

  • Creating video content using mobile phones, professional cameras and video editing programs.
  • Creating digital games using free online tools.
  • Creating flyers, booklets, posters, brochures etc. Using Canva and other simple graphic design programs.
  • Creating Social Media Content, strategies and planners.
  • [Insert your idea here!!]

"PARTNERSHIP" PROJECTS These projects focus on collaborating with other organisations who may need or want young people's help on something short-term. Examples include:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Donation sorting days
  • Mural painting / art installations
  • Co-designing youth volunteer roles
  • [Insert your idea here!!

Partnership projects can be pitched to our changemakers group by people in the community, in addition to the changemakers members being encouraged to pitch ideas to the community as well.

"CONNECTIONS" PROJECTS These projects tend to centre themselves around creating opportunities for connections between young people and the community. Examples include:

  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Online platforms
  • Expo's / events / conferences
  • [Insert your idea here!!]

--- What do I do now? ---

If you have anxiety or aren’t comfortable attending a new space alone – contact Southern Volunteering on 8326 0020 and ask to speak with Blaze. In many cases she can arrange a tour of the location and provide that connection to help you feel more comfortable.

Please check your emails spam/junk folder once you have applied for this role - you will find a link that is used to collect more details from you.

--- What next…? ---

Within this group you could explore working on another persons idea, create your own volunteer project, research a cause of significance, provide feedback on what is happening within the sector, or design an opportunity that you know would benefit someone similar to you.

You come up with the ideas, we do our best to make them a reality!

There’s no such thing as a bad question – please reach out if you’d like to know more!