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Mentor - South West and Western Sydney - # 179013

Women's Justice Network

The WJN Mentoring Program aims to provide an opportunity to build a sense of belonging to the local community for women who have exited custody or are at-risk of entering the criminal justice system. This is achieved by linking female volunteer mentors with women who have a history with the criminal justice system.

Female Mentors are recruited to provide gender-appropriate social support to women: • Providing pro-social support to women to assist their transition back into the community • Assist to increase knowledge of services in the local area • Enhance knowledge of and access to recreational activities such as; sport, arts and leisure in the local area • develop a sustainable relationship with a Mentee


  • Be part of a Project that aims to make a difference
  • Contribute towards creating a greater sense of belonging for women in the local community who have had little opportunity for inclusion
  • Make a difference to the lives of women who have histories of marginalisation
  • Enhance personal development opportunities by learning new skills. ● Increase local community networks and links