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SES Team Member – Vertical Rescue, Land Search (Missing People) and Storm Response

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
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The Exmouth SES is looking for people to join our great team to deliver emergency response through Land Search (missing people), Vertical Rescue and Storm Damage emergencies. As an SES volunteer you will be trained to assist the community to cope with all these types of emergencies and more.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • This will depend on the response role you take on and what you seek to be trained but can include participating in land searches for missing people, assisting to secure storm or cyclone damaged properties, management of road check-points or a range of activities associated with cliff/vertical rescues.
  • Your key responsibility is to develop and maintain skills in your area of interest and to be prepared to respond when needed.
  • Please keep in mind that we cannot predict when an emergency will happen, but we need to be prepared to respond when called on.


  • Develop a wide range of skills that you can apply not only in your volunteering but in your personal life.
  • Join a great and supportive and work with them to keep our community safe.
  • Learn more about our community and explore our surrounding areas.

Can you do it:

  • Almost everyone can provide emergency response.  We provide a supportive environment in which you can develop and apply your skills.
  • All you need is an enthusiasm to learn new skills, enjoy being part of a positive team and an open mind to problem solving and using your initiative.