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Logo for Australian Multi-Cultural Communities United Limited

Every-one in Australia is a migrant or a descendant of a migrant. Even our first peoples migrated here. And no matter how short or deep our roots are, most of us had to work hard to survive, find a job, put a roof over our head and feed our family. Times may have changed, but the challenges remain the same. Do you agree that even today newcomers are not easily accepted by existing communities, that ignorance, arrogance and racism still exist and that migrants have to work harder, be smarter and much more determined to get a job and prove themselves?

AMCCU (Australian Multi-Cultural Community United Ltd) is supporting the social and economic integration of migrants, fostering reconciliation, acceptance and co-operation between the different races, ethnic and religious groups and bond them into one Australian community. And we also celebrate the enriching multi-cultural diversity of our beautiful food, film, music, dance, fashion, art & craft that makes this community so unique.

Being the new kid on the block ourselves, we intend doing all of this a bit different to traditional charities. We don’t door-knock anymore, but build cloud-based service platforms and online communication networks with passionate volunteer teams. We even have our own WebTV Station. However, no team can excel just by itself. It needs support.

That’s where you will come in.

Role Description:

AMCCU’s graphic designers create and combine graphical and textual elements for various content produced by our project teams. These include social media posts, banners, logos, and pictures for digital uses.

It is the role of the graphic designer to maintain a unified and consistent brand image while providing variety through all the graphics created. You will also be required to research a diverse range of subject matter in order to creatively produce multi-cultural material according to project specifications.

You must also make sure all graphics follow the company’s design templates and guidelines, including fonts and colours.

We expect a strong sense of layout and colour composition to produce visually attractive and high-quality graphics.

What do you need to bring to the team?


  • Formal education on and/or experience in graphic design or related fields.

  • Strong sense of visual design and colour composition.

  • Proficiency in graphic design applications.

  • Comprehensive graphic design portfolio.

Having self-esteem is good, but ego won’t bring you anywhere. Leadership is great, if you never try becoming the boss.  It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert as long as you are a reliable communicator. Importantly, don’t leave any part of your personality at home, be all of you all the time.

Everyone is multi-skilled and we will give you the opportunity to join multiple teams and swap them once a project is finished. You can learn, acquire new skills and contribute as much as you like.

You would work from where-ever you want (you don’t need to be based in Victoria), being connected with the all teams via phone or video-conferencing when-ever required. We do not ask you to commit to or for a specific time, but we ask you to never let your team down and complete your committed tasks unless you can find an acceptable replacement.

The impact of your work is far reaching. By enabling our associated community groups and charities, you empower them to gain more volunteers, more funding and achieve more. And the more we can help those organisations to support migrants in Australia the more we can become the most tolerant, diverse and happy nation on Earth.

So if you have the passion and the desire to create a meaningful legacy, then get in touch and tell us more about you, your skills and purpose.