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Every-one in Australia is a migrant or a descendant of a migrant. Even our first peoples migrated here. And no matter how short or deep our roots are, most of us had to work hard to survive, find a job, put a roof over our head and feed our family. Times may have changed, but the challenges remain the same. Do you agree that even today newcomers are not easily accepted by existing communities, that ignorance, arrogance and racism still exist and that migrants have to work harder, be smarter and much more determined to get a job and prove themselves?

AMCCU (Australian Multi-Cultural Community United Ltd) is supporting the social and economic integration of migrants, fostering reconciliation, acceptance and co-operation between the different races, ethnic and religious groups and bond them into one Australian community. And we also celebrate the enriching multi-cultural diversity of our beautiful food, film, music, dance, fashion, art & craft that makes this community so unique.

Being the new kid on the block ourselves, we intend doing all of this a bit different to traditional charities. We don’t door-knock anymore, but build cloud-based service platforms and online communication networks with passionate volunteer teams. We even have our own TV Production Team. However, no team can excel just by itself. It needs support.

That’s where you will come in.

You will become part of AMCCUmedia and assist with our World Emergency News Livecast.

World Emergency News reports about global catastrophes and goes live within 48-72 hours after the first news about the catastrophe emerges. Unlike traditional newscasts, we are not just passively reporting about an emergency, but put the actions in to actively help people in need. We achieve this by interviewing local & overseas charities that provide emergency support and then supporting them with raising funds or other means to assist people in need.

Your role would be to receive daily notifications from the leading news broadcasters, identify a catastrophe that stands out (think recent floods in Malaysia, storms in the Philippines, or volcanic eruption near Tonga), gather reports and possible footage, connect to accredited charities through local embassies and brief our news team to set up the livecast, whilst writing a post for our digital marketing & PR team.

This role requires an organised personality with the ability to act immediately. You must have experience in researching & writing compelling and emotional stories. Whilst we provide you with graphic designers and desktop video producers, we ask you to lead them, making sure they provide you with the right graphic/video for your story within 24 hours.

You can work from wherever you want as long you have an excellent Wi-Fi connection. This role requires you to be available daily and is not suitable for someone with a full-time job. Work can be ad-hoc, sometimes with weeks without catastrophes and other times with two or more within days.

The impact of your work will be far-reaching. By enabling us to assist communities around the world, including our own ones in Australia, we can make a huge difference. On top of that, the newscast allows us to connect ourselves with the Australian communities of the same nation and to cooperate with them making Australia the world's most inclusive society!

So if you have the passion and the desire to create a meaningful legacy, then express your interest and tell us a bit about you.