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Director positions (chairperson, treasurer, secretary and executive director)

Buddy Up Australia
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Buddy Up Australia provides preventative health services for veterans and first responders by conducting events around the country involving physical fitness, social activities and purposeful volunteering. The events are run by volunteers across a range of locations nationally, with head office in Perth. We also have an early-intervention and mental health referral service integrated into our screening process for new members, where we focus on referring members with unmet mental health needs to other support organisations.

We were created in 2018 and have grown significantly in the past four years, now reaching the point where we are receiving considerable grant funding to enable us to scale to our full operational potential over the next three years. These grant funds will cover our operational growth so the board must now focus both on oversight of our growth strategy and realisation of a financial sustainability strategy to enable funding in the medium term.

We are seeking directors who have the experience and skills to conduct oversight, contribute meaningfully to strategic development, and contribute to the development of our financial sustainability strategy. As such, we are seeking people with a range of experience who can make strategic level decisions in consideration of a range of factors both micro and macro. We are looking for people with entrepreneurial flare; blue sky thinkers who can think creatively about financial sustainability. That said, we also need directors who are capable in compliance, risk and governance. A background in either the military or emergency services, or some form of connection that provides a sense of understanding of our cause is also important.

Lastly, directors are required to be able to fill the positions of chairperson, secretary and treasurer if voted into those roles. Applicants with strong financial and accounting backgrounds will be asked to undertake the treasurer role for 12 months and other applicants will likely be asked to fulfil the chairperson or secretary roles.