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Family and Friends Advisory Group Members

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Learn about the Family and Friends Advisory Group:

The Youth Services Family and Friends Advisory Group provides feedback and advice on Sonder’s headspace centres (headspace Edinburgh North, headspace Adelaide, headspace Onkaparinga and headspace Marion), its severe/complex youth funded programs (emerge), and its overarching youth mental health policies, plans and projects. The purpose of the Advisory Group is to contribute to the improvement of Sonder’s youth mental health services through meaningful input on the way services are delivered from the experience and lens of family members/friends.

Learn about the key activities of the Advisory Group:

  • Discuss and advise on family/friends, consumer, carer and community perspectives by reviewing policies, plans and projects as presented by the Chair
  • Represent Family and Friends on relevant headspace centre Consortiums
  • Advise on resource development such as policies and procedures, service navigation and access materials
  • Participate in the development, delivery and evaluation of service activities (e.g. Annual service reviews, planning meetings, quality improvement meetings)
  • Assist with mental health literacy activities and service promotion – particularly to other Family/Friends Advisory Group members
  • Assist in developing partnerships with local organisations and members of the community
  • Participate in research as consultants and researchers when requested by the Chair
  • Provide an annual overview of Advisory Group outcomes
  • Review the activities of the Advisory Group against the Sonder and Youth Services Clinical Governance Framework
  • Identify any gaps or concerns from a lived experience perspective in services as requested by the Chair or identified by the Group, and
  • Collaboratively engage with Sonder employees and other stakeholders as relevant.

The key responsibilities of the Advisory Group are to:

  • Ensure participation in the activities of the Advisory Group that enhances that of other members and contributes to the achievement of the purpose of the Group
  • Avoid ethical, legal, financial, or other conflicts of interest and ensure personal activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to their role on the Advisory Group
  • Report potential, perceived or actual conflicts of interest to the Chair
  • Treat as private and confidential any information provided to the Advisory Group
  • Actively participate in meetings, work groups and Advisory Group activities, and use lived experience in feedback and consultation.

Relevant Experience:

  • Lived experience as a parent/carer/support person of a young person experiencing mental ill health is required
  • Broad knowledge of and represent a range of perspectives of parents/carers/support people of young people experiencing mental ill health.

Further information: You can find further information on our volunteer opportunities on our website.

How to apply:

Applicants are requested to send a resume or cover letter indicating skills and experience related to this volunteer opportunity to our careers email: [email protected]