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Animal Care Assistant


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What to expect Prepare for an incredibly fulfilling and impactful volunteer role that will resonate with animal lovers who are devoted to enhancing their welfare. Immerse yourself in hands-on work with animals and gain invaluable insights into their care and health requirements, paving the way for future endeavors in the industry. Embarking on this role means embracing physical demands and occasional odors, as you brave the elements of winter and summer. While the emotional connection to the animals may pose challenges, rest assured that the reward lies in making an enormous positive difference to their lives—and yours!

What are the benefits?

  • Make a difference in the lives of animals in need and leave a lasting positive impact
  • Gain practical experience in handling various animals, including dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, livestock (large and small), pocket pets, and domestic birds
  • Receive hands-on training from our dedicated shelter team
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge in the realm of animal care
  • Become part of a warm, friendly, and passionate community

What are the tasks? As an Animal Care Assistant, your volunteering role will involve physically demanding and hands-on tasks, each of which contributes significantly to the well-being of the animals in our care.

The tasks that are involved in this role include:

  • Daily cleaning of animal enclosures, including removing soiled bedding, hosing or wiping down enclosures, sweeping, scooping up waste, and replenishing clean bedding and toys
  • Ensuring hygiene control through proper sanitization, hand-washing, and preventing cross-contamination, while also maintaining the animals' access to food, water, bedding, and toys
  • Assisting with socializing, enriching, and exercising the animals under the guidance of our shelter staff
  • Managing soiled linen and collecting clean bedding and towels from the laundry area
  • Supporting general laundry duties, such as loading and unloading laundry machines, folding clean items, and ensuring efficient laundry operations
  • Contributing to the presentable and tidy environment of the Animal Care Campus
  • Upholding the RSPCA philosophy of positive reinforcement in all animal interactions

What skills and characteristics do I need?

  • Confidence in working with domestic animals or a strong willingness to learn and adapt to shelter environments
  • Ability to handle increased noise levels and identify signs of distress or fear in animals
  • Capability to independently fulfill all assigned tasks
  • Physical fitness, including the ability to lift up to 10kg and stand for extended periods
  • Excellent manual dexterity and multitasking abilities
  • Keen attention to detail and adherence to instructions
  • Enjoyment of collaborative team environments
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hardworking and committed to the mission of the RSPCA

How do I apply? You will need to complete an application via our website