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Operations Manager

Racial Justice Centre (RJC)

1. Who is the Racial Justice Centre RJC is a not-for-profit founded by lawyers with lived experiences. RJC’s purpose is to eliminate racism and racial injustice, using the legal system, education and reform. It is fighting for a world where all people can live, thrive and enjoy life without racism. You can find out more about us on our website.

2. Duties Reporting to the Managing Director, this role’s duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping the Managing Director map out roles required for the RJC and recruiting and onboarding the different leads
  • Building out the Operations team (people & culture, IT, finance, etc.)
  • Attending the monthly operations team meeting
  • Providing support and assistance to the Managing Director
  • Accountability for the overall operations of the organisation
  • Assess and develop better ways to operate the RJC so that the rest of the teams can perform their duties

3. Attributes The ideal candidate must have:

  • Understands the culture of volunteer organisations
  • Is deeply passionate about the work that RJC does
  • Proven management and leadership experience at a senior level
  • Have an understanding of how a business’ finances, risks and culture affect an organisation’s growth
  • strong leadership and motivational ability
  • strategic planning and resource management skills
  • Manages their time well and is organised
  • Is detail oriented

4. Benefits of volunteering with the RJC Holding a role in this team brings with it many benefits and development opportunities, including:

  • Strengthening your teamwork and communication skills
  • Developing strategic thinking
  • Developing and implementing innovative and effective multi-channel communications
  • Honing skills leadership and management
  • Practical work experience to strengthen your CV, and
  • A chance to increase your community advocacy and social interaction.