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Community Volunteer Group - Wagga Wagga Region - #193367


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Funds raised by the group will be used for a dedicated community animal welfare scheme, assisting low-income earners provide veterinary care for their animals such as desexing and emergency vet assistance.

As a part of this role, you will be invited to informal catch ups from time-to-time, to share ideas about educational and fundraising opportunities.

This role has the opportunity for innovation and to connect face to face and online with others from the Community Volunteer Group.

What this volunteer role looks like.

  • Assist with the set-up and the pack- up of RSPCA NSW fundraising events in Wagga Wagga region

  • Support the team of volunteers to man stalls, attend events and to aid the Community Volunteer Group projects

  • Handling of fundraising money and donations

  • Provide customer service to the local community who attend our events

  • This volunteer role will be on an ad hoc basis, and your assistance will ensure that our educational and fundraising events will be well resourced, and will be delivered in a professional manner

  • Ability to share your ideas and innovations with other like-minded people


  • Receive training and experience

  • Increase employability skills

  • Get to know knew people in your area

  • Support a long standing animal welfare organisation

  • Contribute to your community

  • Increase confidence and skills

  • Give back! ☺️