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Grants Volunteer

Worthy Cause

We're looking for skilled volunteers to contribute to our charity with their wealth of industry knowledge and experience. As a grant writer for Worthy Cause, you'll be assisting our grants team identify and apply for relevant grants.

A bit about Worthy Cause: Worthy Cause employs vulnerable people who, due to their disability or disadvantage, have not been able to find long-term employment. With the help of our structured employment program, they can receive a stable income, financial literacy training, emotional counselling, soft-skills development and on-the-job skills building in an inclusive and safe environment. When they’re ready, they can find other employment on their terms.

We produce and sell cookies through our online store, to corporate customers, at markets and events and through retailers and wholesale channels. These funds are used to maintain and support the employment program.

If this sounds like a cause you're interested in contributing to, we want to hear from you!

For more information about these positions email Rick Cohen: [email protected]