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Volunteer Driving Mentor- Chisholm, ACT

The Salvation Army Australia

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The Drive for Life program primarily supports young people aged between 16-25 who are overcoming adversity and need support to achieve their driver’s licence.

A Driver Mentors’ role is to accompany the Learner Driver during driving sessions to help them attain the number of supervised driving hours required for their logbook, providing constructive feedback and conveying the importance of road safety along the way. It is important to note the young person will have some experience on the road and your role is to consolidate the driving skills learned with a professional Driving Instructor. In addition to the practical support for each Learner, Mentors support the development of positive relationships and foster a stronger sense of connection to their community. Volunteers contribute towards creating a culture of road safety and provide support and encouragement to the Learner Driver. 

Driver Mentors are intrinsic to the success of the program and participant; they will be providing much needed on-going support and mentorship to program participants. To help set Driver Mentors up for success, they will be provided with extensive and necessary training, on-going support and become a valued member of the team. The Salvation Army will also provide a fully equipped vehicle for driving sessions with the young driver.

Key responsibilities:

In car supervision of learner drivers

Use knowledge, skills and experience of driving a vehicle to upskill and empower young people to achieve their driver licence.

Practice and consolidate the driving skills learned with a professional Driver Instructor.

Provide constructive feedback, coaching and guidance. Correct driving behaviour is reinforced and encouraged so as to increase positive outcomes for participants during and beyond the program.

Develop and inspire confidence, skills, knowledge and motivation to successfully gain a driver license.

Develop positive relationships

Model respectful communication, patience, and clear boundaries.

Demonstrate empathy, consistency, reliability and promote safe and stable relationships.

Build rapport and develop a supportive relationship with learner drivers Maintain strong boundaries and communicate with learner drivers in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.

Abide by all road laws and regulations

Promote a culture of road safety and reinforce safe driving practices.

Ensure all road laws and regulations are adhered to during lessons Appropriately and accurately answer any questions relating to driving and road rules and regulations.

Qualifications and skills (desired/required):

Current unrestricted Drivers License. Held for a minimum of 5 years

Experience working with people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background and with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and religions.

Ability to build trust and rapport with young people through effective communication and relationship building; calm, patient and supportive whilst supervising a learner driver to operate a vehicle.

Commitment to working within a trauma and psychologically informed program framework

Enjoy working with young people

Time Required & Commitment:

Ideally, Driver Mentors should be available for 2 hours or more per week/fortnight, flexible days of the week, mornings and evenings available

Minimum 3-month commitment

Development opportunities with this role:

This role will give volunteers an opportunity to develop mentoring, communication, and instruction skills. Moreover, develop positive relationships with at-risk young people.