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Volunteer visitors – be a friend for an older person in your community

Lifeline WA (Supported by Volunteer Melville!)

The purpose of this role is to establish and maintain a friendship and ongoing relationship with an older aged person living in their own home or Aged Care facility to reduce loneliness and social isolation and promote health and wellbeing. Many older people live with complex vulnerability, cognitive impairment, disability or mental health and really benefit from someone to talk to and hang out with.

Primary Tasks: • Be a companion, confidant and friend to the older aged person. • Visit in person at least once per fortnight, ideally weekly. • Increase older aged person’s involvement in social activities and community affairs. • Share interests that you both have. • Take the older aged person on outings if appropriate & safe to do so. • Understand the boundaries of the role i.e., not to provide nursing or personal care or getting involved in financial and/or legal affairs. • Provide a record of visits to the ACVVS Coordinator. • Respect the rights of the older aged person including confidentiality and privacy. • Exercise a duty of care at all times.

Lifeline’s dedicated volunteers are the backbone of Lifeline WA and work tirelessly to help reduce loneliness and create connections with people. The benefits of being a Lifeline WA ACVVS Volunteer are: • ongoing support and mentoring • personal and professional growth and skill development • career opportunities • giving back to your community and making a difference • belonging to a vibrant Lifeline WA community • meeting new people and having new experiences • improving your own health and wellbeing through volunteering.