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Animal Species Representative – Fish/aquatic species

Animal Care Australia Inc

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Experience: Animal Care Australia is seeking a person who has reasonable advocacy experience and an understanding of the differences between animal rights and animal welfare.

Animal Care Australia is seeking a person who has reasonable experience in the keeping & breeding of fish – tropical, freshwater and marine.

Essential skills:

  • Communication skills (oral & written)
  • Time management
  • Able to work as part of a Team

Desirable: The inclusion of cephalopods in animal welfare legislation will result in Codes of Practice needing to be examined and in some cases to be drafted. Knowledge of keeping these species will be of great benefit. Having a membership of an Association for the keeping & breeding of fish species or contacts to groups.

Specific Tasks:

  • Represent all species specific member organisations to communicate current animal-related community and welfare issues.
  • Undertake work including drafting of policy advice, project work of a specialist nature, research and analyse current legislation and policies and prepare associated reports for consideration by the Animal Care Australia Committee.
  • Assist Animal Care Australia to work with government, non-government & community stakeholders to ensure policy issues are coordinated and effectively communicated as per community and government expectations.
  • Provide support to the Animal Care Australia Executive and ensure effective coordination of the business of the association, including up to date reports for Animal Care Australia’s social communications – social media, website and newsletter.
  • Abide by and support Animal Care Australia’s Code of Ethics, Mission Statement, Objects, Constitution, Communication Policy and Anti-discrimination & Harassment Policy.
  • Other duties as necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This position does not include working with animals. You are advocating for the continued ability of everyone to be able to own and keep pets and other animals.