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Help the animals at Leaning Tree Equine & Animal Experience by looking after the 20-acre property out here in Greenough. Our volunteers are involved in the maintenance of the farmland and other activity. Your time makes a huge difference to the animals' health, how they feel, and interact.

When you volunteer with us, you are contributing to an environment that families in the Midwest area love to visit.

You would be doing general jobs to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for rescue animals to live.

As a Farmhand Volunteer your tasks can look anything like:

  • Cleaning animal hutches
  • Raking up horse hay
  • Taking pallets apart
  • Watering young trees
  • Trimming or picking up tree branches and sticks
  • Collecting Manure
  • Pulling weeds from the paddock
  • Raking up horse manure
  • Picking rocks and making rock cairns
  • Assembling a bike if you have the skills; and,
  • Cleaning feed shed

Depending on your experiences, other jobs maybe discussed.

Please do not expect hands on time with animals.


Volunteers are needed at Leaning Tree Equine & Animal Experience anytime between 9:00am-3:30pm from Monday-Thursday and Saturday in the mornings.

There is an expected 1hr 30min commitment from you each time you organise to come e.g., if you arrive at 9am, you will be with us until 10:30am.

Long term commitment would be great. However, this can be discussed, as there might be flexibility around it.