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Outdoor Education Leader

Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre

As a staff member at Wollangarra you’re an essential part of a small community based around a truly unique outdoor and environmental education program and lifestyle. The Wollangarra philosophy is about doing rather than talking and fixing rather than complaining, so your days will be filled with hard work and a strong sense of purpose. You will introduce young people to the Victorian mountains through a program of practical conservation through outdoor education, which will help them to see environmental issues as exciting and demanding challenges to the way we live, rather than endlessly depressing and negative threats to our future.

Each week a new group of young people will come across the flying fox and get to experience a way of life that has largely been forgotten. They’ll leave behind their mobile phones, watches and timetables. They’ll get to bake bread, split wood, tend the veggie garden, collect the eggs and light the fire. They’ll get the opportunity to contribute to something positive in a meaningful way and feel like a valued member of the community. The position requires that you reside on the Wollangarra property. You will live and work with four to five other staff members, the two directors and their 3 kids (aged 10, 10 and 9). Wollangarra becomes your workplace, home and family for the year. This brings lots of laughter, fun and adventure. The role is highly physical. Your time at Wollangarra will offer a challenging, but immensely rewarding experience. For the right person, this is an experience of a lifetime.

Who are we looking for? The successful applicant will be a motivated, hard-working person who is looking to make a positive contribution to an organisation that aims to inspire young people to grow, learn and ultimately make a positive contribution to their own communities and the environment. The successful applicant will be part of a close-knit team of leaders working alongside and under the guidance and support of the directors. The role will enable a real “hands-on” approach to all aspects of contributing to and managing the Wollangarra program and property. You will be a good “people-person” and someone who is able to get your stuff done whilst helping to support the others on your staff team to be successful in what they are doing as well. Duties ● Lead Wollangarra’s programs for young people aged 14-17 ● Carrying out property tasks including gardening, wood chopping, animal care, maintenance, catering and cleaning ● Work independently and in a group to maintain your designated job areas on a daily basis and when on a ‘flat week’ working on the property (such as livestock, veggie garden, pumps, vehicles, fencing, food ordering etc.) ● Foster an awareness of self, community and sustainability in young people ● Encourage participation in conservation through outdoor education ● Ensure high standards of safety for young people and visitors