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Membership to the Flinders University’s Animal Ethics Committee (AEC)

Flinders University of South Australia

The AEC is responsible for ethical review of all research and teaching activities involving animals at Flinders University. All members need to familiarise themselves with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes and other guidelines as required, read and review animal ethics applications, attend regular committee meetings and contribute to discussions during the meetings.

Training in animal ethics and Flinders University’s Ethics Online Portal will be provided. No prior experience in reviewing animal ethics applications is required, but basic computer skills are desirable.

This is a volunteer, unpaid position and would suit someone that works part time or has flexible working arrangements.

The positions:

Category C – Animal Welfare representative

a person with demonstrable commitment to, and established experience in, furthering the welfare of animals, who is not employed by or otherwise associated with the institution, and who is not currently involved in the care and use of animals for scientific purposes. Veterinarians with specific animal welfare interest and experience may meet the requirements of this category. While not representing an animal welfare organisation, the person should, where possible, be selected on the basis of active membership of, and endorsement by, such an organisation.

Category D – Community Representative / Layperson

a person not employed by or otherwise associated with the institution and who has never been involved in the use of animals in scientific or teaching activities, either in their employment or beyond their undergraduate education. Category D members should be viewed by the wider community as bringing a completely independent view to the AEC, and must not fit the requirements of any other category.