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Out for Australia

For the full Position Description and details on how to apply, see the Out For Australia website.


The State Director is responsible for leading and managing the State Team. The State Director is a people manager who grows, equips, influences and empowers their team to drive OFA’s activities and programs in their state.

The two primary functions of State Team are: Events: Hold events in your state, which showcase visible role models and thought leadership, and create safe spaces for aspiring young LGBTIQA+ professionals to be their most authentic selves in the workplace; and

Outreach: Foster relationships in your state community through our outreach strategy (particularly with universities and key local community partners), both to better understand our community and to promote OFA, in order to successfully support our events and to promote our mentoring program.


Team management / leadership [35%]

It is your role to provide the State Team with a clear sense of direction and purpose, and to manage and empower the State Team to implement outreach and event strategies and to succeed with their respective projects. This involves the following:

  • Helping team members articulate their visions/set goals.
  • Checking in with team members periodically to ensure those goals are being met.
  • Connecting team members with adequate resources to achieve their vision.
  • Working with other national portfolio leaders (eg. Mentoring Director, Events
  • Director, P&C Director, etc.) to align state and national strategies.

In addition, you should take a mentoring/coaching role with your team members (where appropriate). At a minimum you should be organising 1-1 catch ups with individual team members (in person, Zoom, by Skype or on the phone) every few months to chat about their volunteer experience and their professional development.

Strategy [40%]

  • Upon commencement, you will be expected to attend a half or full day induction with a senior leader in our organisation. You will then spend two weeks meeting (by phone) with other members of the organisation and reading our most important strategy documents.
  • Within your first month, you will be expected to review and update a goals and strategy document with your long-term (one year) vision for OFA in Tasmania which aligns with the national strategy, as well as goals for three months, six months and one year.
  • You will report
  • against this strategy in your regular check-ins with the CCO.
  • On an on-going basis, you will talk with and work with the CCO and the other State Directors to share ideas and address issues of national importance.
  • On an ad-hoc basis, you may collaborate with external stakeholders and execute on existing or create new initiatives together with the partnership, community and state teams.

Organisational responsibilities [15%]

  • Organise and run monthly State Team meetings (preferably face-to-face but with the option for remote meetings). Prior to these meetings you must liaise with other portfolio areas in OFA (chiefly our Mentoring Team and Partnerships Team) so you can report to your team on national developments and ensure that state projects and activities align with these.
  • Participate in eight National Executive remote meetings over a calendar year (normally run for 1.5 hours) and monthly State Directors strategy meetings (one hour).
  • Oversee and coordinate annual State Team recruitment and succession planning, with the support of the People and Culture Team.
  • Manage the state monthly budget and ensure compliance and recording keeping needs for the state are met.

General volunteer expectations (10%)

  • Undertake an OFA volunteer induction and role onboarding.
  • Understand and implement OFA’s strategy, vision and mission.
  • Uphold our volunteer code of conduct.
  • Assist with initiatives as required.